Decided to have a trip to the fantastic Yorkshire Wildlife Park today. We have been season ticket holders now for two years and it is worth every penny. With the additional benefit of the new link road from the M18 through to Finningley the journey time is considerably reduced too. If you haven’t been and can find time it is an amazing place to go with some beautiful animals you aren’t likely to come accords in many other places in Yorkshire.

Yorkshire Wildlife Park African Painted Dogs seeking shade from the sun
The African Painted Dogs are some stunning looking creatures but they have the strangest way of walking, sure they could well and truly outrun me!. Unfortunately today they were having the grass cut in their large field so were hiding in their shelter.
ooo, this water looks cold!
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Polar Bear
One of four of the polar bears in project polar at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Tiger
I think tigers are the coolest cats of them all
Yorkshire Wildlife Park leopard hiding on a perch
The master of all I survey…
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Loepard
Leopard at the Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Yorkshire Wildlife Park Lions looking cool!
Hard life being a lion, sitting around all day trying to look cool as a cucumber for all the visitors!

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